The things I do for a salary

I work at the University of Washington as a computer consultant for people with disabilties. It's a cool gig.

I try to concentrate on good web design. In other words, there are no browser-specific doodads here. I believe the value of a site is nearly always contained within text and not irritating graphics that detract from content.

Various web sites I manage/maintain/help with:

Interesting Roadside Attractions

Rest Areas of Reknown (personal links)

Obligatory Photo Albums

Here's a pic of me and my dawg from a couple of years ago. Image-Dan and Cooper relaxing after search training
Hey! Y'all quit buggin' me. Kid pics are available. Email me for the URL.

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Dan Comden
Seattle, WA U.S.A.
Email -- dan*@* (remove the asterisks around the "@" symbol)