These are a few of my favorite things

Valuable computer-related stuff

Adobe Photoshop Basics

Research tools

The Journalist's Toolbox -- all kinds of cool stuff here.

Spam sucks.

How to Complain about Spam, or, Put a Spammer in the Slammer.


Thinking of breeding your dog? Read this first

And then read this

Beer is not just for breakfast any more

A veritable plethora of Beer Pages

For you hopheads, here's a most excellent Hop Page put up by my good friend and personal pastor: Glenn Tinseth

Nutritious and Delicious Local InfoNuggets

The Cascade Ski Report

Washington Weather Goodies

Washington State map

Xerox PARC Map Viewer

Topographical maps here at TopoZone

How mired is Seattle Traffic?

Check out the Washington backcountry.

Head in a random direction and blow this joint!

Weird stuff

Pages that defy categorization:
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